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    Name: Accession: PF01243 (PFAM live)
    # sequence matches: # architectures:
    # taxonomy ids: PDB:  1axj1ci01dnl1flm1g76
    GO Terms
    GO:0010181 FMN binding function

    Topsan Members

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    Name Annotation Author(s)
    Gene alr5027 from Nostoc sp codes for the NP_489067 amino acid sequence that has similarity to proteins of the 'Pyridoxamin 5'-phosphate oxidase' family (PF01243) and a 'putative heme iron utilization... pascual (3 edits)
    The Psyc_0186 gene from Psychrobacter arcticus 273-4 encodes the YP_263493 protein, a putative pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate oxidase found in all domains of life (PF01243, EC The 2re7 structure ... tinab (4 edits)
    pascual (3 edits)





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