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    Function of E.coli homolog of a protein from this family seems to be well known (see the summary below)


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    Name: Accession: PF03883 (PFAM live)
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    Pfam ID: DUF328 PDB:
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    E.coli Annotations
    NCBI: 16128000 PORTECO PORAL: yaaA  GeneExpDB: b0006 

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    E.coli homolog from this family, YaaA is a key element of the cellular response to peroxide stress. Induction of YaaA in response to H2O2 reduces intracellular iron levels, thus attenuating the Fenton reaction and the DNA damage that would result from it [PubMed:21378183]. yaaA shows OxyR-dependent induction of expression by hydrogen peroxide [PubMed:11443091][PubMed:21378183]. A yaaA deletion mutant has a growth defect in a catalase/peroxidase-deficient strain background in LB medium. The growth defect can be suppressed by the addition of iron chelators or mutations in iron import [PubMed:21378183].




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