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    Live PFAM
    Name: Accession: PF04480 (PFAM live)
    # sequence matches: # architectures:
    # taxonomy ids: PDB:  3hrl3r3p

    Pfam ID: DUF559 PDB: 3hrl_A
    Solved by: MCSG    
      Top FFAS hit in PDB: "3hrlA, Endonuclease-Like Protein" Top FFAS hit in Pfam: "PF10881, Protein of unknown function (DUF2726) "
      Top significant hit (PDB90): "1cw0A, hydrolase/dna ; crystal structure analysis of very short patch repair (vsr) endonuclease in complex with a duplex dna "
      Top significant hit (PFAM25U): "PF10881, Protein of unknown function (DUF2726)"
    CATH: CATH Domain E-value CATH Node
      3hrlA00 5.40E-37
      1vsrA00 8.90E-10 3.40.960.10
    FUNFAM (eval=0.0000024 ): HpaII very short patch repair endonuclease -like
    PUBSERVER: (view)
      Publications(s) found: 598
      Publications(s) meeting filtering criteria: 10
    E.coli Annotations
    NCBI: 16129250 PORTECO PORAL: ycjD  GeneExpDB: b1289 

    Topsan Members

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    This family belongs to the PD-(D/E)-XK clan which suggests a broad function of nuclease.

    GO Function GO:0004518 nuclease activity Evidence: Inferred from inclusion in PDDEXK clan in Pfam.

    Investigating the gene context of members of this family shows that the members of this family are often found within an operon that encodes a multisubunit enzyme complex.  For example it is found in the middle of operons encoding aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases or ribonucleotide reductase operons in various species.  We tentatively suggest that this protein may act as a homing endonuclease.




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