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    Live PFAM
    Name: Accession: PF10340 (PFAM live)
    # sequence matches: # architectures:
    # taxonomy ids: PDB: 

    Pfam ID: DUF2424 PDB:
    Solved by: non-psi    
      Top FFAS hit in PDB: "3fakA, Esterase/lipase" Top FFAS hit in Pfam: "PF07859, alpha/beta hydrolase fold "
      Top significant hit (PDB90): "2zshA, hormone receptor ; structural basis of gibberellin(ga3)-induced della recognition by the gibberellin receptor "
      Top significant hit (PFAM25U): "PF07859, alpha/beta hydrolase fold"
    CATH: CATH Domain E-value CATH Node
      1y37A00 0.0036
      3qvmB00 0.0065
    FUNFAM (eval=0 ): Meiotically up-regulated gene 180 protein -like
    PUBSERVER: (view)
      Publications(s) found: 1350
      Publications(s) meeting filtering criteria: 209
    GeneSilico Metaserver
      PDBBLAST PDB: 1dx4_A SCOP : c.69.1.1 ECC:
      FFAS PDB: 1evq_A SCOP : c.69.1.2 ECC:
      MGENTHREADER PDB: 3ed1_A SCOP : predicted c.69.1.2 ECC: 3.-.-.-
      PRC PDB: 1jkm_A SCOP : c.69.1.2 ECC: predicted 3.1.-.-
      SPARKS PDB: 1jji_A SCOP : c.69.1.2 ECC:
      BLASTP PDB: 3d7r_A SCOP : predicted c.69.1.2 ECC: 3.1.-.-
      HHBLITS PDB: 3fak_A SCOP : predicted c.69.1.2 ECC: 3.1.1.-
      COMPASS PDB: 1jkm_A SCOP : c.69.1.2 ECC: predicted 3.1.-.-
      CSBLAST PDB: 2hm7_A SCOP : predicted c.69.1.2 ECC:
      HHSEARCH PDB: 3ebl_A SCOP : predicted c.69.1.2 ECC: 3.-.-.-

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    YDR428C from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, encodes serine hydrolase, protein associated associated with human diseases such as autism, goiter, increased risk factor of late onset Alzheimer disease, and xe...





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