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    Name: Accession: PF11396 (PFAM live)
    # sequence matches: # architectures:
    # taxonomy ids: PDB:  3db73due3elg3u1w4dsd

    Topsan Members

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    Name Annotation Author(s)
    Pfam Update: This builds to overlap with DUF2874, PF11396. There are several structures for this family, eg, 3elg, listed in TOPSAN as being a structure related to BLIP, but of unknown function.   A s... haxelrod (9 edits)
    This is annotated as a hypothetical protein. Note from PFAM: This matches our family, DUF2874, PF11396. I built a family then merged the seed with that of the DUF. This is interesting because the DUF... abhinavk (2 edits)
    debanu (1 edits)
    Gene BT0923 from Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron vpi-5482 encodes the NP_809836 protein, showing a tandem repeat of the DUF2874 sequence (PF11396). This putative calcium-regulated periplasmic protein of ... pascual (2 edits)
    kellrott (2 edits)
    kevinjin (1 edits)
    The protein ZP_02065522.1 is annotated as hypothetical protein BACOVA_02504. ZP_02065522.1 belongs to PFAM PF11396. This is a domain of unknown function DUF2874.  This bacterial family of proteins are... abhinavk (4 edits)
      Gene BVU_2443 from Bacteroides vulgatus ATCC 8482 encodes the protein YP_001299723 containing two copies of the DUF2874 sequence (PF11396). B. vulgatus is one of the most predominant microorganisms ... gyewon (15 edits)
    pascual (5 edits)
    qxu (1 edits)
    A manuscript describing this structure has been published in 2010: "The structure of BVU2987 from Bacteroides vulgatus reveals a superfamily of bacterial periplasmic proteins with possible inhibitory ... pascual (3 edits)
    adam (2 edits)
    debanu (1 edits)


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