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    Live PFAM
    Name: Accession: PF13204 (PFAM live)
    # sequence matches: # architectures:
    # taxonomy ids: PDB:  3kzs

    Pfam ID: DUF4038 PDB: 3kzs_A
    Solved by: JCSG    
      Top FFAS hit in PDB: "3kzsA, glycosyl hydrolase family 5" Top FFAS hit in Pfam: "PF00150, Cellulase (glycosyl hydrolase family 5) "
      Top significant hit (PDB90): "3kzsA, hydrolase ; crystal structure of glycosyl hydrolase family 5 (np_809925.1) from bacteroides thetaiotaomicron vpi-5482 at 2.10 a resolution "
      Top significant hit (PFAM25U): "PF00150, Cellulase (glycosyl hydrolase family 5)"
    CATH: CATH Domain E-value CATH Node
      3cmgA03 0.002
      3gm8A03 0.0013
    FUNFAM (eval=0.0018 ): Major extracellular endoglucanase -like
    PUBSERVER: (view)
      Publications(s) found: 130
      Publications(s) meeting filtering criteria: 10
    GeneSilico Metaserver
      FFAS PDB: 1qno_A SCOP : c.1.8.3 ECC:
      PHYRE PDB: 1qnr_A SCOP : c.1.8.3 ECC:
      MGENTHREADER PDB: 2pc8_A SCOP : predicted c.1.8.3 ECC:
      PRC PDB: 1ceo_A SCOP : c.1.8.3 ECC:
      HHBLITS PDB: 3kzs_A
      COMPASS PDB: 1qno_A SCOP : c.1.8.3 ECC:
      COMA PDB: 1uuq_A SCOP : c.1.8.3 ECC: predicted 3.2.-.-
      HHSEARCH PDB: 3kzs_A

    Topsan Members

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    Belongs to glycosyl hydrolase clan (CL0058). Can be found as a fusion with either the collagen-binding (PF12904) domain or the PTS-IIA component (PF00358), confirming its implication in carbohydrate utilization. Often co-localized on the chromosome with a sugar kinase and an isomerase of unknown specificity, as well as a transketolase. In Thermotoga maritima this gene (TM0950) is located in the ribose utilization operon, which is upregulated on ribose. Can be involved in hydrolysis of unknown pentose-containing saccharide. 




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