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    Q7Z408 3273-3387 Putative Domain Summary

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    Three rounds of a PSI-BLAST search of the PDB suggests that Q7Z408 3273-3287 has sequence similarity to serveral adenylate kinases. The top-scoring hit is PDB ID 1s3g, the adenylate kinase from Bacillus globspirous. QZ7408 3273-3287 shows 16% sequence id, 33% positives, expectation 6e-25,88% coverage in this PSI-BLAST search. This sequence has been classified into Pfam B PB008503. This domain seems to be associated with the C-terminal ends of proteins that contain CUB, SUSHI domain repeats. Interestingly, Q7Z408 contains 10 Arg and 1 Lys residue. Thus suggests that 3273-3287 is possibly a nucleotide binding proteins. In the structure of 1s3g, several Arg and Lys residues surround the nucleotide phosphates of the bound ligands. Perhaps these residues serve a similar role in Q7Z408. Five Lys and one Arg surround the bound nucleotide in 1s3g.

    Q7Z408 3273-3387 Domain Information
    Sequence Length: 115 Sequence Local Structure Prediction # Uniprot Refs: 1
    N-terminal boundary: psi-blast hit in PDB C-terminal boundary: disordered region
    Is region cluster seed?: Yes   Cluster Size: 3  
      # sequence matches: 54 # architectures: 28 # taxonomy ids: 11
      No significant hits in PDB.
      No significant hits in Pfam.

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